Love joke

I just want to kill you.

I got up in the morning and quarreled with my girlfriend. Then I was very angry and wrote the name of my girlfriend on the cigarette, pumping one after another.

Do you really love me

Girl: "Do you really love me?"

Guy: "I swear"

Girl: "What do you mean by that?"

Guy: "Use my sincere heart."

Girl: "Sorry, goodbye!"


Blind date. When the sister paper came up, I asked: Do you take the bus to make a seat?

I knew it was a trap when I heard it. She wants to ask if I have a car.

Blind object hobby

Yesterday I saw a man and a woman eating, it seems to be a blind date.

Woman: "Mr. Li, what are your hobbies?"

Male: "I believe in Buddha."

Woman: "Sorry, Mr. Buddha..."

Is your home a zoo?

The girlfriend said: "You will take me to your home next month and give your parents a look."
Boyfriend: "The outsiders in our village are going to charge."

Interesting digital love letter

I have no love for you at first sight, I want to take care of you for 3 generations, because I secretly went to your website 4 times.