Funny! The puffin kisses like a moment of dislike

Not only humans will express their feelings, but animals will also. Recently, a photographer photographed a group of puffins courting funny photos on the island of Scotland. The photo looks like a male puffin slowly approaching the subject and wants to kiss it, but the female puffin seems to be very unhappy, moving back first, trying not to let the male puffin kiss himself. Finally, in order to avoid further action by the male puffins, the female puffin slipped away.

Tianjin Li Si real identity, quick hand Tianjin Li four people introduction

Before Simba and Tianjin Li Si came to a pk, Li Si invited Simba to participate in his opening, Simba promised to donate pk income, Li Si was still open with Xinba pk after several major anchors. Leading the distance, then Simba shouted in the live broadcast, "Hey, you gave me"! Tiandao rushed out and brushed 10w to help Xinba defeat Li Si. In Wu Di and the abbot, because Wu Di lost to Tianjin Li Si last night as a punishment to dye the hair purple, tonight, the two meet again pk, but only the end of the score size...

Explosive youth, laughing straight mouth

1. Now that the technology has improved, ETC is everywhere, and the bar is automatically lifted.

2. "Is it easy to have an adult world?"
"Yes, it's easy to get fat!"

Internet cafes

An Internet cafe, a 12-year-old child is playing World of Warcraft, suddenly shouting: "Dad, someone hit me!"

New classic jokes

1. When I was a child, I secretly sold the "shake" of his father's tractor and sold it with candy and ice packs. In the evening he cried and took his dad to my house.

It’s not that simple

With my boyfriend to attend college class reunion, my classmates boasted that my boyfriend had a good eye and found me such a good girlfriend.

What is inner beauty?

The little scorpion is full of makeup all day, I really can't stand it, educate her: the beauty of the appearance is not beautiful, the inner beauty is the real beauty!

I just want to kill you.

I got up in the morning and quarreled with my girlfriend. Then I was very angry and wrote the name of my girlfriend on the cigarette, pumping one after another.