Love joke

This is a love story, but also a joke!

I have a brother who is interested in a girl of liberal arts, a beautiful thief. I am moved by the pursuit. From dinner to flowers, I have basically done everything I can. When my brother first went to university, he basically went to class by hanging out for a good course. For a while, in order to catch up with the girl, he didn't go to class every day.

Is my brother-in-law telling me?

A few days ago, a sister talked to me about the criteria for choosing a spouse, saying that she did not like handsome ones, but rather liked me like this! At that time, my heart was very beautiful, now I think more and more about what is wrong! The couple went to photograph the wedding dress. Wife: "Why is it so expensive?" Shop assistant: "Costumes are mainly expensive!" Wife: "Then shoot Adam and Eve."

I just want to kill you.

I got up in the morning and quarreled with my girlfriend. Then I was very angry and wrote the name of my girlfriend on the cigarette, pumping one after another.

Do you really love me

Girl: "Do you really love me?"

Guy: "I swear"

Girl: "What do you mean by that?"

Guy: "Use my sincere heart."

Girl: "Sorry, goodbye!"


Blind date. When the sister paper came up, I asked: Do you take the bus to make a seat?

I knew it was a trap when I heard it. She wants to ask if I have a car.

Blind object hobby

Yesterday I saw a man and a woman eating, it seems to be a blind date.

Woman: "Mr. Li, what are your hobbies?"

Male: "I believe in Buddha."

Woman: "Sorry, Mr. Buddha..."

Is your home a zoo?

The girlfriend said: "You will take me to your home next month and give your parents a look."
Boyfriend: "The outsiders in our village are going to charge."