Animal joke

Two dogs fight for bones

Share the scandal. . . Yesterday, I was eating with relatives. Two dogs were fighting for the bones. The small dog was bitten down. I couldn’t get up. I was very hurt. I was mourning.

Oh, really, I’m going to die cold.

The crow's mother was sick. The little crow looked at her mother's face and felt so sad. "Mom, you can get better soon, don't leave me. 1 Mom moved and said: "Hey, if you are not a crow.

The dog can breathe a sigh of relief.

Recently, a man in Virginia, USA, faced the same tricky choice as "who will be with you and my mother." His girlfriend asked him to make a choice between himself and his dog.

Not so smart

A wise man walked in the country and saw a donkey in the mill grinding, and a string of bells hanging around his neck. So the wise man said to the mill owner:

Pig joke

A man raises a pig and specializes in it. He wants to throw it away, but the pig recognizes the way home and throws it many times without success.

Three turtles

Three turtles came to a restaurant and asked for three cakes. Things just came to the table, they found that they did not bring money.

Magical frog

A frog who was only practicing magic jumped into a forest with great enthusiasm. When I walked into the forest, I saw a bear chasing a rabbit. The frog stepped forward and said, " Stop and stop!


A farm that specializes in dairy cows, in order to maintain the number of cattle in the pasture, stocks a male cow in the herd.

Occupy monkey

A zoo has a young lion. It is kept in the same cage as the old lion. Every time the administrator comes to feed, the young lion is always given a banana. The old lion is a large piece of meat.