SMS joke

Humorous and funny National Day SMS

Serious warning: This message contains high-dose blessing ingredients. Do not browse until National Day, otherwise chemical reactions will occur, which will make people happy and dizzy.

Funny valentine

Valentine’s Day is actually short-lived.
A hand pulls a loose, a lover is gone, hehe~?
The hand can't be pulled again, and the wife becomes awkward, oh~?

give me your Love

You little fairy, so that I have your love poison but refused to give me antidote! Little bad guy! Oh! I am going to die! Help me! The solution is simple: give me your love!


Without your nephew, life becomes uncomfortable. I hate that abominable third person to take you away. Do you have a new relationship with him? I miss you coming back to me - wallet.

a few happy humor messages

Happy people can do the following: 1. Look at the essays of this mountain, don't care how many advertisements; 2. Look at Liu Qian's magic, don't care what organs are there; 3.

Funny one-sent message

Contact by SMS is cost-effective from an economic point of view; responding to the Copenhagen call from an environmental perspective; from a friendship perspective, you can make me remember more.

Humorous text message hilarious jokes.

One day, I went on an expedition with you. I met a troll. I first smelled you with my nose, then smelled me with my nose, then chose to eat me. I felt unfair.

Misunderstood text message

I looked at your sexy body that day, squirming in front of me, gently touching your skin, I can't resist your temptation: boss, I want this fish!