It's a big pressure to stay at home!

  1. Today, my mother asked me to go to the business hall to pay for her phone bill. I was too lazy to move, so I charged her 50 yuan with online banking.

  Just charge past I heard my mother shouting: don't go, don't know that sb charged me 50!!!!

  2. When I went out to play, there was a hailstorm. I was hit by several bags on my forehead. When I got home, my mother asked: did I fight again?

  Me: No, it's from heaven.

  My mother: do you think it's thunder chop?

  3. When I went home at noon on the weekend, my father asked me: did you have dinner?

  I said: eat some outside.

  Dad said: how can I eat something casually? How can I have a big meal? You wait. I'll heat the leftovers for you.


  4. Mom is cooking: son, you can get me one of those!

  Me: what?

  Mom: then what, just put it there!!

  Me: what? Where?

  Mom: forget it. I'll take it myself. Tell me about you. I can't find anything. What else can I do besides eating!!


  5. Mom is going to buy some sticky cakes in the cake shop. Let me have a taste first. I said: I don't like this kind of food!

  My mother was surprised. She looked at me with strange eyes and said with a smile: for more than ten years, I finally found something you don't like to eat! The boss will give you five Jin.

  6. After eating half of the meal, my mother hurled the bowl at me and scolded: "more than 30 people, they don't work everyday. What contribution did you make to this family?"

  I look down and don't speak. I have tears. I slide across my face. In order to solve this embarrassing situation, my father gently sings: "the old man doesn't want his children to make much contribution to the family..."

  Mom slapped dad in the face, "who's old?"

  7. Quarrel with my mother in the evening and say a cruel sentence: I will not eat!

  Who knows mother to say: the rice may not eat, but the pot must brush...

  I feel like I can't live this day...

  8. When we reach the marriageable age, we ask mom for advice: Mom, am I looking for someone who likes me or someone I like?

  Mom: of course you like it.

  Me: why?

  Mom: Mom doesn't think anyone will like you.


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