Couple joke

Couple bedside jokes 5

1, wife: husband, do you see me cute?

Husband: Tell the truth or lie?

Wife: (Thinking for a moment) Telling lies!

Husband: Not cute!

It seems that my husband is back.

A couple is asleep in bed. It's about midnight. It seems that there is any movement outside, and I woke up my wife. The wife was a little vague and hurriedly woke up her husband.

Finger hurt

A couple went to the restaurant to eat, they asked for two bowls of noodles.

Your daughter is no longer a virgin.

A gentleman’s wife was about to give birth, but he decided to go to the house. His wife had no choice but to agree. After the incident, the wife entered the delivery room.

On the top floor

A couple is quarreling, the two sides are not willing to show weakness, the wife will scream at her husband, because the voice is too loud, the old lady downstairs, so the old lady picked up a bamb

Wedding secret

A rich man got his wish to find a beautiful female movie star. In the bridal chamber of the wedding night, they are deeply in love with each other. "