Family joke

It's a big pressure to stay at home!

Today, my mother asked me to pay her a phone bill in the business hall. I was too lazy to move, so I charged her 50 yuan with online banking. Just filled in the past, I heard my mother shouting: no need to go, I don't know that sb gave me 50!!!! When I went out to play, suddenly there was hail, and I was hit by several bags on my forehead. When I got home, my mother asked, "is it another fight?" Me: No, it's from heaven.

What is inner beauty?

The little scorpion is full of makeup all day, I really can't stand it, educate her: the beauty of the appearance is not beautiful, the inner beauty is the real beauty!

She will fix me

Husband appliance repair professional graduation, technical excellence, the size of home appliances can basically be repaired.

Need a shrew to solve the problem

I am opening a restaurant. For a while, a person who sells insurance often comes, and I always eat it. I said that I don’t want him to come back. My aunt can’t help but drive him away.