This is a love story, but also a joke!

  1. I have a brother who is interested in a girl majoring in liberal arts. I'm moved by the beautiful thief who chases him.

  From dinner to flowers, I have basically done everything I can.

  When my brother first went to university, he basically went to class by hanging out for a good course. For a while, in order to catch up with the girl, he didn't go to class every day.

  The freshman passed by in such a vague way, and the woman didn't say anything.

  2. The turning point is in sophomore year. Because the girl received many red envelopes and gifts from my brother, she didn't refuse my brother very well. So she told my brother one day on QQ that she was going to go abroad and go to England. If my brother can go to England together, then she would agree with my brother.

  3. It's hard for my brother. His grades are not good, and his English is very poor. He has failed in CET-4 every time, let alone IELTS. My brother cried all night for this. At the barbecue stand opposite the school, my brother told us for the first time how to lick that girl and how to ask but not, knowing that he was not good, but he really liked it. That night, starry sky, my brother's love life is boundless.

  As we all know, IELTS is required to go to the UK.

  The next day after crying, he got up early. We found him learning English. He sighed lightly and said, "I want to try."

  From then on, he got up every day to read English and study. In December, he passed CET4 and 433.

  I passed Grade six in June, with a score of 576.

  5. However, he has to go abroad not only to pass the English test, but also to have a high performance point, which makes him very hard. When he is a sophomore, he also has to make up for the class that he is a freshman, and the average performance point must reach 3.7. You need to know whether he is a freshman or not. Hard, really hard.

  6. Sending flowers to that girl has never been broken. Wechat red bag 188 starts on Chinese New Year's day. Let alone birthday, gifts are always bought. The girl is also welcome, but she doesn't show her mind. Maybe, she is dedicated to going abroad. She is waiting for my brother to finish the appointment, my brother and brother thought.

  7. At the same time of licking day and night, he is still studying day and night, sleeping and eating, heart breaking.

  Performance point requirements, no accident, achieved, after all, in addition to licking, is learning.

  On the night of IELTS score, we went to the barbecue stand opposite the school, and he cried in a mess.

  What's the matter? We asked, didn't take the test? Don't be sad, you've done a good job.

  I passed.

  Why are you crying? Like a mother.

  She didn't IELTS.

  8. We are surprised: what do you do?

  The brother took a swig of beer and said: after checking the results today, I went to her excitedly and found that she was flirting with another unknown man in a corner of the hostel. I fell asleep at that time, and then left there. She didn't find that I had been here. I sent QQ to her and asked her what she was doing. She said that she went to the library for self-study. Then I asked her about her IELTS test. , she just said that she had not passed the exam and did not plan to go abroad.

  As for the appointment, I didn't mention it. I don't want to mention it.

  9. That night, the stars are still shining. My brother's future is clear.

  Later, we learned that the woman didn't take the IELTS test at all and didn't plan to go abroad. She fooled him. At that time, she thought it was impossible to pass the test, but she did.

  As for later, my brother went to the UK as a junior, and later to Zhejiang University for postgraduate entrance examination with excellent results. He has a doctor's degree. Now, he works in a Baba with a monthly salary of 5W. There are two suites in Shanghai. His sister-in-law is from Shanghai and the daughter of my brother's boss. After graduating from Nantah, he works together, and people are still bright.

  10. If there is no such deceptive agreement, there will be no present. He did lick everything.

  Now when we asked him about that, he just smiled. Pretty good!

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