Celebrity joke

Get the urinal fast

In the outing of the 40th US President Ronald Reagan, he and his entourage were suddenly shot from the roadside. Several people were injured.

Humorous wife

In 1948 Dewey and Truman campaigned for the US president. Poll, Dewey


Once, Shaw Bernard looked through the book on price cuts in an old bookstore and watched it suddenly.

Got to his play set, and he gave him a friend under the title page of the book.


Talleylang - Perigord is a famous politician in the modern history of France. At one party, he sat between Mrs.

Lenin’s worries

Lenin was dying, calling for the successor Stalin to be called into the Kremlin, and there were a few words to plead.

"I don't want you to say, I still have a hidden worry, Stalin."

Give Way

Once, the famous German poet Goethe walked in the park. In a way that allows one to pass

On the path, he met a arrogant critics. The two are getting closer and closer. "I never never

Silence and celibacy

E·c·Stanton (1815--1902), a female reformer in the United States, a famous activist of the feminist movement. When a feminist movement meeting was held in Rochester, a married pastor accused Mrs.

Wu Jinglian belongs to the 蟒

Wu Jinglian, the author of "The History of Confucian Scholars", is a snake. The snake is regarded as a locust in the local area.