Social joke

Internet cafes

An Internet cafe, a 12-year-old child is playing World of Warcraft, suddenly shouting: "Dad, someone hit me!"

New classic jokes

1. When I was a child, I secretly sold the "shake" of his father's tractor and sold it with candy and ice packs. In the evening he cried and took his dad to my house.

What does white-collar mean?

Today, I met a few old classmates who have not seen for many years and asked them what they are mixing now. Where do you make a fortune?

Now female students are very routine!

1, I am particularly ticklish, the high school table is a girl, always like to point my waist. In order to prevent her from moving me, when I was in class, I took her hand and often took a class.

Don't talk to strangers casually during the exam

1, girls jokes. The beautiful girl in the back row, poked my shoulder with a pencil and said, "Hey! Handsome! You are good at math!" I: "Very good! Always the first grade!" Girl: "Great! Please.

Super funny 20 short jokes

Son: Dad, this time you don't want to stop me, I want to go to a free place, there is wine, smoke, and a lot of beautiful women, I want to...

Dad: Where is that?