To die


Student: "I have done this for 6 times."
Teacher: "Great."
Student: "This is 6 answers."

The sun rises from the east

The teacher asked: "Was the sun rise from the east, not from the west?"
Xiao Ming asked: "Teacher, inside you, wear it from your feet. Why don't you cover it from the head?"

What is your name

In the morning, I was very cold. I went to the ATM to withdraw money with my friends. I happened to wait for the cash truck to add money. My friend asked me if I was frozen?

Vaccinated, is willful

After the rabies vaccine, the doctor said that I am not afraid of rabies in a year! Ever since, I have teased the dogs in the entire alley.

We are sleeping

Yesterday at noon, a male colleague went out and did not take the phone away. His wife kept calling.