How to abandon

Wear it

Female: "Don't wear it!"
Male: "Do not wear more cool!"
Female: "Don't wear a safe spot!"
M: "Trust my technology."

Take counterfeit money to buy breakfast

A woman took counterfeit notes to buy breakfast, and the hawker was annoyed: "Big sister, you will pay for the counterfeit banknotes. That is at least printed.

What is bragging?

Holding a cow's hair, he said that he has a cow, which is called bragging; there is a cow that shows a cow, that is called calm; there are nine cows, pull each one out and sneak it again, that is t

The dog can breathe a sigh of relief.

Recently, a man in Virginia, USA, faced the same tricky choice as "who will be with you and my mother." His girlfriend asked him to make a choice between himself and his dog.