Interesting comment

property agent

The real estate agent said to his customers: "Honest hospitality is our company's consistent aim. We will introduce you to the advantages and disadvantages of all houses."

Do not want to go back to school

The status of a classmate: I don't want to go back to school. God replied: "No" is well written, and the door is open, and the momentum is extraordinary.


Student: "I have done this for 6 times."
Teacher: "Great."
Student: "This is 6 answers."

me too

One person went out to work and found that there was no parking space at the destination and had to park the car on the road.

The sun rises from the east

The teacher asked: "Was the sun rise from the east, not from the west?"
Xiao Ming asked: "Teacher, inside you, wear it from your feet. Why don't you cover it from the head?"

Is your home a zoo?

The girlfriend said: "You will take me to your home next month and give your parents a look."
Boyfriend: "The outsiders in our village are going to charge."

Call your son

A woman hurried into a store: "I asked my younger son to buy a pound of jam 5 minutes ago. When you go back, the weight is not enough.