Take stock of the four famous paintings of Zheng Banqiao in China, and the value of "Bamboo Shilan Map" is worth 46 million RMB.

Zheng Banqiao is a famous painter of the Qing Dynasty in China. Although his career is not smooth, his painting ability is worthy of recognition. Now his famous painting auction can often sell high prices. How much is Zheng Banqiao's painting value? Basically, the transaction price is more than one million. Today, the most expensive four famous paintings of Zheng Banqiao, the price of "Bamboo Shilan Map" is as high as 46 million RMB.

China's three major forest parks, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park ranked third

For those who like to travel, the major forest parks are definitely not to be missed. Not only the scenery is very beautiful, but also the fresh control is close to nature. Today, the largest forest park in China, Moerdaoyu Forest Park in Inner Mongolia covers an area of 2.22 million mu, ranking first. Here is a brief introduction to these beautiful scenic spots.

The slowest aircraft in the world, McGrady's Mirage Condor (maximum speed 29km/h)

I introduced you to the world's fastest aircraft, the drone X-43A. In the third flight, the fastest sprint speed reached 11,200 kilometers per hour. This record still has no aircraft. Can break. But you don't think that all the planes are very fast. Today, Xiaobian will tell you about the slowest aircraft in the world.

Who invented the umbrella, Luban wife Yun

Rain, a weather phenomenon that some people like and hate. Some people like the vitality of the morning after the rain, like the reluctance and persistence of the dusk rain. Whether it is raining or going out in rainy weather, umbrellas are our must-have tools. On rainy days, we are more or less inseparable from umbrellas. So everyone knows who invented the umbrellas? Let's take a look at it below.

British 70-year-old woman became a kinky adult and had a date with 200 guys

According to British media reports, a 70-year-old woman from the UK dated 200 men on the dating website and did the same with the date. The 70-year-old woman said that she enjoyed this life very much and said that one day she might find another "prince in real life." A 70-year-old British woman with two marriages and three daughters in her 40s, she joined the dating website.....

In 2019, the world's five largest missiles are ranked, and China's Dongfeng 41 missiles are listed.

Missile is a symbol of a country's military strength. In order to develop the most advanced ballistic missile, countries all over the world have spent a lot of manpower and material resources. With the continuous enhancement of their scientific and technological strength, ballistic missile technology is also constantly updated, and its performance is naturally changing with each passing day. Here are the latest ranking of the world's five largest missiles. Interested friends, you can learn about it.

Funny! The puffin kisses like a moment of dislike

Not only humans will express their feelings, but animals will also. Recently, a photographer photographed a group of puffins courting funny photos on the island of Scotland. The photo looks like a male puffin slowly approaching the subject and wants to kiss it, but the female puffin seems to be very unhappy, moving back first, trying not to let the male puffin kiss himself. Finally, in order to avoid further action by the male puffins, the female puffin slipped away.

Tianjin Li Si real identity, quick hand Tianjin Li four people introduction

Before Simba and Tianjin Li Si came to a pk, Li Si invited Simba to participate in his opening, Simba promised to donate pk income, Li Si was still open with Xinba pk after several major anchors. Leading the distance, then Simba shouted in the live broadcast, "Hey, you gave me"! Tiandao rushed out and brushed 10w to help Xinba defeat Li Si. In Wu Di and the abbot, because Wu Di lost to Tianjin Li Si last night as a punishment to dye the hair purple, tonight, the two meet again pk, but only the end of the score size...

After a programmer’s death

A company often works overtime, and then someone is dying. Later, a sister came and sat in that position. Everyone did not tell her about the sudden death.

Newborn calf long cat face, flat nose concave

Recently, a calf with a congenital deformity in the face of a child was born in Indonesia. It is understood that this calf's nose is obviously concave and the face is flat, very similar to the Persian cat. After the birth of the calf, everyone was very surprised. The burdock was born in a village called Pendil in the Pangwon District of East Java. Although its body and limbs are no different from normal cows, its face is very unique due to its congenital malformation - its nose is obviously concave and its face is flat, much like a Persian cat.