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Campus spring

I remember that in the sixth grade, the Chinese teacher arranged an essay called "Spring of the Campus".


Years later, she attended his wedding banquet for many years. He became very handsome and talked. He was sitting next to him with a beautiful bride.

Teach you how to enter the dark net, hidden in the gray area deep in the network

In fact, the online world you see is just the tip of the iceberg. 96% of Internet data cannot be searched by normal means. The network that most people can touch is called Mingwang, and the gray area hidden under the bright net is called dark net. The following small series will teach you how to enter the dark net. It is best not to go deep into the dark net. The world, that is the dark world you should not go to.

Laughing urine: brother enlarger

One day, I scoured the "brother enlarger" on the Internet. After receiving the result, it turned out to be a magnifying glass. This buyer also marked me a line of words...