The most interviewed person in history

Boss: I am very welcome. Without you, our company is definitely different!
Clerk: If the work is too tired, I will resign if I am not doing well.
Boss: Don't worry, I won't let this happen!
Clerk: Can I have a rest on weekends?
Boss: Of course! This is the bottom line!
Staff: Do you usually work overtime until the early morning?
Boss: Impossible, who told you?
Staff: Is there a meal subsidy?
Boss: Do you still use it, definitely higher than your peers!
Clerk: Is there a risk of sudden death at work?
Boss: No! How do you have this idea?
Staff: Does the company organize travel regularly?
Boss: This is our clear text!
Clerk: Then do I need to go to work on time?
Boss: No, look at the situation.
Staff: What about salary? Will it be sent on time?
Boss: This is always the case!
Clerk: Are all the new employees doing it?
Boss: How is it possible, there are many senior colleagues on your head!
Clerk: If there is a vacancy in the leadership position, can I participate in the competition?
Boss: There is no doubt that this is the mechanism by which our company lives!
Clerk: You are not going to lie to me?
See the real scene after entering the company (read from the back)

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