Campus joke


This is the joke told by the class teacher.
Once upon a time, an old gentleman gave students a score, only three ratings.
Best to call shit
Next called the dog fart

Step on death

A well-known domestic botanical professor and his teaching assistant are studying new varieties of plants.

Three more sentences

Teacher: Xiao Ming, you use three more to make sentences. Xiao Ming: Hu Shu Bao sanitary napkins, more dry, more cool, more assured. Suddenly the whole class applause thunder ^_^

Do not want to go back to school

The status of a classmate: I don't want to go back to school. God replied: "No" is well written, and the door is open, and the momentum is extraordinary.

Good risk, I am 61 points.

I tried to curl up and the teacher said: 30 to 60 minutes, my classmates copied 10 papers.
A classmate whispered: Good risk, I am 61 points.


Student: "I have done this for 6 times."
Teacher: "Great."
Student: "This is 6 answers."

The sun rises from the east

The teacher asked: "Was the sun rise from the east, not from the west?"
Xiao Ming asked: "Teacher, inside you, wear it from your feet. Why don't you cover it from the head?"

Arguing with math teacher

Today, Xiao Ming and the math teacher are quarreling. Math teacher: I am not blowing. I can answer questions about mathematics.

telephone number

“Children,” said the female teacher. “There is a note below this book that says ‘Goethe (1749–1832).’ What does this mean?”