Original joke

Original joke

A man's bust is as wide as the Pacific Ocean and can embrace more women.

A man who diligently cuts his nails for a woman is actually a kind of protection for himself.

Amazing English

"My father was a correspondent during the Second World War." A boy flaunted his partner. "He is a great hero."

"Really? What heroic deeds?"

Three humorous jokes: The teacher is giving a speech on abstinence in the lecture hall

A man who lost his way in the mountains, after three days and three nights of chaos, finally saw a cigarette. He ran over excitedly, saw a ragged man, and was eating a mouse on the ground. He lost his backpack and shouted: "Thank God, I lost my way for three days and three nights, and finally met a person." The man was also shocked, but said with anger: "Friends, slow and happy, I have been lost for six days and six nights."

Joke: Can you not speak out?

1 I went to my mother's house last night and saw that the old man standing outside the house was very unhappy. Ask him what happened? He said to quarrel with your mother.