Fool's joke

Explosive youth, laughing straight mouth

1. Now that the technology has improved, ETC is everywhere, and the bar is automatically lifted.

2. "Is it easy to have an adult world?"
"Yes, it's easy to get fat!"

This stone is quite familiar

A group of A, B and C went shopping, and found a new store posted a slogan: "The latest technology - accurate computer IQ test" three people were attracted together.

Really a dog

Just looking down from the window on the fifth floor, a child with thick clothes on the playground crawled on the ground very quickly, really fast, thinking about the same as a dog.

Send a sister home

Sending a sister home, we kissed her far outside her home, she whispered to me: "I don't want to... stay here tonight?"
"I don't want to." I said, turned and left.

Meet you

If you let me meet you again, I will pull you into the bedroom, lock the door back, frantically push you down on the bed, cover your head with a quilt, open my arm, roll up the sleeve and tell you:

Wang Laohan bought 驴

One day, Wang Laohan bought a donkey from the market. On the way home,

Two thieves quietly followed, one untied the rope and the other thief


"You have been taking care of me for so long." The long-lost rich man said, "In order to express my gratitude, I