Workplace joke

How to praise female colleagues beautiful?

My female colleague is a big beautiful woman. Today I wore a very exposed dress and let me give the price. I saw it: "Let me have the urge to commit crimes." She actually said: "Then you act.

What does OOXX mean?

Yesterday, a female colleague asked me what OOXX meant? I suddenly felt that she was so pure, even OOXX didn't know, but I was embarrassed to answer this question. I said that I had to hurt her so good girl, so I told her yes. The meaning of playing cards.

Reasons for raising wages

In order to timely cure the unhealthy symptoms of flustered, insomnia, and apathy caused by the inability to promote the grassroots cadres, I have developed a ten-pronged prescription for treating

Can you come one by one?

I got off work in the afternoon, and a female colleague mistaken the data, which made everyone work overtime until 10 o'clock in the evening. Everyone complained...

After a programmer’s death

A company often works overtime, and then someone is dying. Later, a sister came and sat in that position. Everyone did not tell her about the sudden death.

My wife is a female fork.

Clerk: Manager Your wife is gentle and beautiful, you are enviable.

Manager: What? It’s not my wife! My wife is a female fork!

Clerk: Who is the lady who was with you?