Children's jokes

Where is the tigress, let me see

My son said to my wife today:

Mom, Dad said that there is a tigress in the house, let me see.

The daughter-in-law gave her son ten dollars and said what she wanted to buy.

When can I grow up?

Son: Dad, when can I grow up?

Me: You tell me first if you like winter or summer!

Son: Winter, it will snow in winter, especially beautiful.

Mother-in-law, is your teeth okay?

An old woman sat in the chair of the park. A child ran over and asked, "Mother, is your tooth okay?" "It’s gone, it’s gone." So the child took out a packet of walnuts and said, "Trouble you.

That is shit

When I waited for the bus today, I suddenly heard a child screaming: Mom, I want to eat that!
Female: That is shit! Not good.
Child: Then I have to eat shit!

Peeping out the window

There is a little boy coming home from school and seeing a woman lying in bed mad at the chest and shouting that I want a man, I want a man!

Younger brother

One day the teacher said to Xiao Ming: "Xiao Ming... Do you have a younger brother?" Xiao Ming suddenly went down to his crotch... Then frowned at the teacher and said, "Teacher...

To see if it tastes good

"Dad, where will the animals go after they die?" "That depends on the situation." "See if they perform well?" "No, it depends on how good it is."

I want to go

One day with my brother video, my son is on the side, my brother asked if you want to. The son said: "Think."
"Then come on." Then the son ran into the video window and I hugged.