It’s not a light thing to tease B.

1. My surname is Huang, and I was born in the fall, so I called Huang Tian.

2, very disgusted with those who like to sit in the right place, especially today I bought a station ticket.

3, you don't like me now, I tell you, after this village, I am waiting for you in the next village! !

4, did not rub the bicycle in the winter, yesterday morning to see the sky is good, I quickly cleaned the car clean and bright, and like the new car, my heart is also beautiful, of course, the effect is not covered! The afternoon car is gone. . .

5, I thought that as long as I keep pace, even if I can't catch up with you, others can't catch up with me. . . Later I discovered that I was wrong. They all had cars, and they were lying!

6. Today, I said to my wife, you are not washing clothes for me. I have already found someone to wash clothes! You still know this person. The daughter-in-law was angry at the time, and she had to fight with me to break the net. Ask who I am, I say it is myself. I am looking for myself to wash. .

7. A Swedish man received a disability subsidy because he was “addiction” in heavy metal music. He ran 300 concerts a year and could not work normally. . . I would like to ask, I am not addicted to seafood and hot pot, can I apply for a subsidy?

8. Since I learned the car, I have won the coach's favor. So I advised the coach to be sure: rain ~ dew ~ all ~ dip ~! But the coach is not listening! Just scold me. . . Just scold me. . .

9. Someone asked me online: Is your shoe code normal? Me: Dear, our shoes are not crazy.

10. "If you see the shadow in front of you, don't be afraid, it's because there is light behind you." I said to my friend who comforted the house.

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