So cool

Step on death

A well-known domestic botanical professor and his teaching assistant are studying new varieties of plants.

you win

A certain chess is super slow. One day, when playing against people, when the end of the game, the situation of the other party is good, only a few steps are about to be killed.

Three more sentences

Teacher: Xiao Ming, you use three more to make sentences. Xiao Ming: Hu Shu Bao sanitary napkins, more dry, more cool, more assured. Suddenly the whole class applause thunder ^_^

I am not vegetarian.

Eating in the cafeteria, a man suddenly said: I am not vegetarian!
The canteen aunt war said: Hey, what do you want?
Man: Add the shredded pork that I just shake off!

Two dogs fight for bones

Share the scandal. . . Yesterday, I was eating with relatives. Two dogs were fighting for the bones. The small dog was bitten down. I couldn’t get up. I was very hurt. I was mourning.

Cousin is getting married soon.

Real thing. The cousin is getting married soon. In order to save time, the invitation is printed and sent to friends through WeChat.