Funny! The puffin kisses like a moment of dislike

Not only humans will express their feelings, but animals will also. Recently, a photographer photographed a group of puffins courting funny photos on the island of Scotland. The photo looks like a male puffin slowly approaching the subject and wants to kiss it, but the female puffin seems to be very unhappy, moving back first, trying not to let the male puffin kiss himself. Finally, in order to avoid further action by the male puffins, the female puffin slipped away.

Tianjin Li Si real identity, quick hand Tianjin Li four people introduction

Before Simba and Tianjin Li Si came to a pk, Li Si invited Simba to participate in his opening, Simba promised to donate pk income, Li Si was still open with Xinba pk after several major anchors. Leading the distance, then Simba shouted in the live broadcast, "Hey, you gave me"! Tiandao rushed out and brushed 10w to help Xinba defeat Li Si. In Wu Di and the abbot, because Wu Di lost to Tianjin Li Si last night as a punishment to dye the hair purple, tonight, the two meet again pk, but only the end of the score size...

After a programmer’s death

A company often works overtime, and then someone is dying. Later, a sister came and sat in that position. Everyone did not tell her about the sudden death.

Newborn calf long cat face, flat nose concave

Recently, a calf with a congenital deformity in the face of a child was born in Indonesia. It is understood that this calf's nose is obviously concave and the face is flat, very similar to the Persian cat. After the birth of the calf, everyone was very surprised. The burdock was born in a village called Pendil in the Pangwon District of East Java. Although its body and limbs are no different from normal cows, its face is very unique due to its congenital malformation - its nose is obviously concave and its face is flat, much like a Persian cat.

Do you have participated in the top ten wonderful Chinese blind date?

Since the invention of the two names of "leftover male" and "leftover female", various blind date will gradually appear, what is "blindfold blind", "rich relatives", "six-person dinner", "eight-minute date", "wan" People's blind date, of course, there are parents and relatives, all kinds of forms. Let’s talk about the top ten wonderful Chinese blinds in China. Have you participated in it? On September 22, 2007, a hotel in Shiqiaopu, Chongqing, a female guest attending a blind date, wearing a blindfold, walked into the blind date with the help of the staff.

Air China officially claims to Boeing: long-term grounding and delayed delivery of 737MAX

On May 22, the reporter verified with Air China that Air China had formally filed a claim with Boeing for the long-term grounding of the Boeing 737MAX aircraft and the loss of orders that could not be delivered on time. On May 21 of the previous day, the reporter confirmed that Eastern Airlines had formally filed a claim with Boeing for the 737 MAX grounding incident. The scope of the claim includes the company’s 14 Boeing 737MAXs have been grounded for a long time since March 11.

Step on death

A well-known domestic botanical professor and his teaching assistant are studying new varieties of plants.