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Funny! The puffin kisses like a moment of dislike

Not only humans will express their feelings, but animals will also. Recently, a photographer photographed a group of puffins courting funny photos on the island of Scotland. The photo looks like a male puffin slowly approaching the subject and wants to kiss it, but the female puffin seems to be very unhappy, moving back first, trying not to let the male puffin kiss himself. Finally, in order to avoid further action by the male puffins, the female puffin slipped away.

Funny valentine

Valentine’s Day is actually short-lived.
A hand pulls a loose, a lover is gone, hehe~?
The hand can't be pulled again, and the wife becomes awkward, oh~?

give me your Love

You little fairy, so that I have your love poison but refused to give me antidote! Little bad guy! Oh! I am going to die! Help me! The solution is simple: give me your love!

After Cai Zhuoyu, Yong Tong also said that he was inadvertently regarded as a third party.

I believe everyone knows, A Sa Cai Zhuoyu participated in a program a few days ago, recalling the experience of being a "third party"! The man lied that he had no girlfriend. Cai Zhuoyu sent him a message every time. He returned in seconds; sometimes the video of the middle of the night, the man is also very natural.