Doomed to be alone

The male ticket gave me a photo, and almost broke up.

Accompanying, accompanying, and paying for the bill... This is a must for male tickets, but as a woman who loves beauty, taking pictures from time to time is indispensable, so the photo skills of male tickets are also very important! Let's take a look at the photos of these almost broke up. It is said that they are all shots of male tickets! The male ticket is taken like this.

Blind object hobby

Yesterday I saw a man and a woman eating, it seems to be a blind date.

Woman: "Mr. Li, what are your hobbies?"

Male: "I believe in Buddha."

Woman: "Sorry, Mr. Buddha..."

Interesting digital love letter

I have no love for you at first sight, I want to take care of you for 3 generations, because I secretly went to your website 4 times.

Has the date been successful?

The two men are chatting!
A man asked: "Man, have you had a date yesterday?"
The buddy replied: "You can say that you are half successful."

The dog can breathe a sigh of relief.

Recently, a man in Virginia, USA, faced the same tricky choice as "who will be with you and my mother." His girlfriend asked him to make a choice between himself and his dog.

Send a sister home

Sending a sister home, we kissed her far outside her home, she whispered to me: "I don't want to... stay here tonight?"
"I don't want to." I said, turned and left.

The gap between people

In the morning, I took a bus and finally got a seat. Just sitting down, I came up with an old aunt, but I had no choice but to get up.